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Some girls like to play hard to get, even though they bend over and let you admire their fine body. As WhaleTailn shows, this hot brunette likes to torture a man, making his dick hard but not letting him fuck her until he makes her wet as the ocean. It should be easy since she is already horny, but the game is to further if that’s any way possible. Only after a “hard” struggle, this guy manages to put his dick inside her and have a good and hot panties sex play.

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Who says that for a good fuck you have to get your clothes off? It’s enough to just pull down your pants just as much as it takes to reveal your pussy so that your holes can be filled properly. Having a good round of panties sex is to fucking hot to resist, not to mention that feeling of being in a hurry or being on a verge of getting caught. It’s not the case but nevertheless it’s a good push up for the dick that’s lucky enough to fill that holes.

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WhaleTailn really knows what audience likes to see. This hot blonde slut is starving for a good fuck, not before showing off that great tight ass and telling how she would like to be fucked. I was literally blown away by her “dance for the cock” and the slow and short parts where she showed her sweet pink pussy. While she was slowly touching her soft skin, I could only think of how great it would be to put my dick in her hand and let her play with it until I could have the best panties sex ever.